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Some final thoughts about Ísland

Basalt columns dwarf our group

Ísland is a truly amazing place and I was fortunate to travel with such a great group of people. That’s all down to Shelley and Mike who recruited 14 of us from their vast collection of friends. When the trip started, everyone but Sue knew Shelley and Mike. By the end of the trip we were all good friends

What has Ísland got going for it? So much to write about, but here are some highlights:

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  1. Off roading and the Blue Lagoon 9 Replies
  2. Waterfalls! Glaciers! Puffins! 17 Replies
  3. Ísland’s Golden Circle 11 Replies
  4. Sighting whales and flowers 8 Replies
  5. Booties and some weird landscape 10 Replies
  6. Erik the Red and the Íslandic horse 4 Replies
  7. A somewhat challenging day 20 Replies
  8. Dyeing and climbing on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula 4 Replies
  9. Clusters and artifacts 26 Replies